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VP of Membership

Sage L.

About Me: She/They

Joined Club: 11/13/2021

VP of Public Relations

Leslie Riibe

Joined Club: 08/18/2019


Joined Club: 7/23/2022

Sgt. at Arms

Joined Club: 7/23/2022

Immediate Past President

George Reilly (ACB, ALB)

About Me: Irish-born software developer living in Seattle. Member of Freely Speaking Toastmasters since 2004. President 2021–2022; many other officer roles in the past.

Joined Club: 2004
Joined Toastmasters: 1999

Don Zwink (DTM)

Joined Club: 7/24/2022

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Club Officers, 2022-23

  • Ann Paris (she/her), President
  • Don Zwink (he/him), VP, Education
  • Sage Leibenson (they/she), VP, Membership
  • Leslie Riibe (she/her), VP, Public Relations
  • Emily Brady (she/her), Secretary
  • Bingram Lai (he/him), Treasurer
  • David Flood (he/him), Sergeant at Arms

“I am a Charter member of Freely Speaking Toastmasters.  This means I was one of twenty members when the club formed in 1988.  Sometimes people ask if I have already “learned it all.”  Participating in Toastmasters can be likened to being an athlete.  One has to continue with the “work” to stay in shape.  And so I do.  I also enjoy mentoring members and listening and learning from our speakers each week.”

Bill Sanders, ACS, ALB – Member



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